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3. CircleSoft and OB1Net

CircleSoft is the technical arm of the OB1Net Llc. WISP. The WISP acronym stands for Wireless Internet Service Provider. OB1Net provides high speed internet operations for a small group of buildings in San Francisco's Richmond district on Ocean Beach .

CircleSoft assumes complete responsibility for T1 access affording its small group of customers premium connectivity at very affordable prices. CircleSoft installed and maintains routers, mail servers, web servers, web mail services, firewalls and ISP accounting and collection services.

CircleSoft designed and implemented simple, rugged marine environment hardened WIFI access points that are easily and cost effectively upgradeable in the field as separate components.  These components consist of transmission cables, housing, antenna and access point electronics.

These systems use a NEMA weather secure housing large enough to hold a standard access point. The access point is powered over Ethernet (POE) simplifying the cabling. All outside cable is burial grade CAT-5, that is gel filled preventing copper oxidation. The antennas are easily replaced as antenna technology advances. The system is secured to the building structure using high grade tie wrap and extra cable is provided for easy movement of the access point to other locations on the building. This simple system has worked continuously for three years without any access point failures.

By careful network system design, OB1Net provides its users with superior protection from Internet hacking and SPAM.  Multiple layers of security are employed for the internet naive customer. 

OB1Net also offers all customers superior privacy  policies that prevents any form of trace back from the customer's web searches no matter which search engine is employed on the World Wide Web.

CircleSoft installed and maintains monitoring tools including Big Brother, Cricket.  These tools allow instant analysis of the state of the WISP without any software expense.

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